What is Agenter?.

Agenter.com, is the world's first professional networking platform to connect people with business organisations on the basis their potential to contribute business to business people from various industries. People will contribute business to entities on the basis of the commission offered by each business entities. Our Mission is to create an open market where any person or business can market their product or services through common people (kind of virtual employees).

How to get a commission?

Agenter is an Online Sales Commission Platform, where business profiles present their sales requirements on a commission basis and offer a new way of employment opportunities to the freelancers, sales agent, individuals to connect and earn a commission. Please visit how to earn money page to learn more about how agenter platform works.

For Individuals,

It benefits the individual who seek additional income. The individual can approach the business organisation directly with business opportunity or requirement for the product and services that they offer. By contributing business, individual get the offered commission. This platform will help individuals to find out best commission offering business entities in their locality from almost all the Industries.

For Business,

It benefits the business by providing a marketing opportunity to increase their sales and to meet thousands of right sales agents, from their industry and near to their area of operation. If you are a business person looking to increase sales or service but not able to fulfil it due to the following limitation.

  • Higher staffing cost
  • Heavy Marketing cost
  • Higher labour turn over
  • Limited working capital
  • Lack of infrastructural facility etc…

To get solution for all these limitation Agenter.com is the best place, we help you to find perfect business contributors or sale agents for your need in any location. By joining with agenter.com you can expect manifold increase in the business with minimum cost at a low risk.

Why do we use it?

Everyone is very passionate about making additional income from their desired field of expertise/ experience and every business people is eager to do more business at lesser cost. So, Agenter creates Business opportunities for business people and income opportunity for common people. Here, you can make money in the form of commission by working for the business people based on their commission offers, by way of contributing or referring requirements of people near to you. Principle behind this strategy is that “Business opportunity always comes from the need of common People” your duty is to “Explore and contribute right requirement to the right business”.

How to Register?

While registering to agenter.com,

  • Provide your personal information such as email address, name, location etc.
  • Choose the business sector which suits you better either as an income seeker or business seeker.
  • Pick the right business sector to which your business belongs to or to which you can contribute business.
  • Choosing an apt industry is a crucial part for a better result.
  • Select the sub-industries of your business / interests
  • Give the display name based on your industry like a sales agent, designer, writer, etc
  • Provide your skills which make the business to identify your potential.
  • Keep the profile image (within 4mb)

Help and support

Home page

  • In the Home page, you will find three categories. Contact suggestions, commission updates and updates from the groups that you follow.
  • If you want to get connected with new people select the contact suggestion and you’ll be redirected to the network page where you can find new profiles to get connected.
  • To see new commission offers from different industries go to commission page.
  • If you are interested to mingle with group of people with similar job role or field, visit the recommended groups section to explore various groups related to different industries.
  • You can also provide your business requirements in the home page by pressing the post button.

How to make connections?

  • Go to the Network page.
  • You can find many profiles, including both individual and business.
  • Select your industry and location.
  • Make the search easier by filtering which kind of profile you are looking for whether an individual, business or both.
  • After this, the results will appear on the screen.

How to publish requirements?

  • Go to the Commissions page.
  • Business or individuals can publish their requirements by offering commissions
  • While publishing, the information provided should be trustworthy.
  • The industry and commission must be mentioned correctly before publishing.
  • The profiles looking for commission can also find the related profiles that provide commission.

How to contact

  • After getting the deals or connections from profiles, the communication can be made through message
  • Go to the Message section
  • Start messaging them by visiting their profile and clicking the message option
  • Start messaging them by simply clicking their profile
  • When someone messages, you will be notified


  • You will get notifications when someone visits your profile or likes or comments on your posts and when someone messages you.

How to change password?

  • In case you forgot the password while logging in click the forgot password option.
  • A page will be loaded where you have to provide the registered mail address.
  • After confirming the mail ID, a message will be sent to that mail with a link.
  • The link will take you to a page for resetting the password.
  • Once the password resetting process is completed, you can continue working.
  • If you think that your password is insecure or you have thought of changing the password.
  • Click the profile image on the right-side corner and go to account settings.
  • There you can change the password, but you have to remember your old password.

Is it free?

  • There is no registration fee for both individuals and business.
  • Anyone can use the service for free.


How it works on home page?

  • You can find both business and individual profiles if you enter a keyword in the search bar.
  • Here you can filter them based on business and individual profiles

How it works on Network page?

  • In network page also you can find the profiles but you can make filters based on business and individual.
  • You can get connected with those profiles by sending contact request.
  • You can also make filters based on the industry you are searching for and based on the location.

How it works on Commission page?

  • In commission page, you can search the publications based on the industries you are interested to work.
  • You can directly message them if you are interested to work on any publication.


How to edit/change profile details?

  • Click your profile image on the right-side top corner or the profile image on the left-hand side.
  • Then you’ll be redirected to your profile page.
  • Editing button is provided near the profile image.
  • There you can edit your personal and professional details.

How to make a good profile?

For Individuals,

Your Agenter profile is one of the key factors that leads you to earn income. Because when a business person is looking for a person related to your field and if your profile looks good and trustworthy, then you’ll get the work or business. By providing the following details your profile will look better and trustworthy.

Profile Image

  • Keep your profile image which clearly shows your face.
  • This will be the first thing someone sees on your profile, so if you keep good profile images you will get good impressions.

Personal Information

  • Provide your industry and skills in the appropriate section. If you want you can remove or edit it later.


  • Mention about your qualifications like the field in which you have pursued your degree, certifications you have other than your degree.
  • You can also mention about the institutions where you have studied.

Professional Experience

  • If you are experienced, then mention about your work designation and your company details if you want.
  • Mention about your time period of work experience.


  • Portfolio gives you additional opportunities to present yourself professionally to attracted by the business peoples.

For Business,

Provide the basic details and a brief description about your company.

Profile Image

  • Keep the company logo as your profile image.
  • This will be the first thing someone sees on your profile, so if keep your company logo as the profile image to get good impressions.


  • Add details about your clients, projects, works and other business information.
  • Provide PDF files of your brochures, publications, designs and other relevant data.


  • Mention the details of awards that your company has got which makes an added advantage to your company profile.
  • Provide details like Name of the award, award received Year and from which institution you received.

Products & Services

  • Mention the details about the product and services that your company is providing.
  • This makes the people in the relevant field to find your profile easily.

Business Sector

  • Provide your industry, so that right people can contribute to grow your business opportunities.


  • In Home page you’ll find the groups section.
  • Visit the page to find groups relevant to your industry/interest.

What are all categories of group available in Agenter?

  • Business
  • Job & Recruitment
  • Knowledge
  • News
  • Network
  • Software & technology


  • Business updates, news, thoughts and trending ideas in business fields are shared in these group.
  • Both business and individuals can share their thoughts in these group which might be useful for anyone.

Jobs & Recruitment

  • Updates job opportunities across the world in different industries are shared through various groups created under these category
  • Job seekers, recruitment agencies and entrepreneurs are the key participants of these groups.


  • This group is to share different type knowledgeable contents by business people and other participants in the agenter.com.
  • There are separate groups for different type’s knowledge, you can join to any of these according to your taste and preference.


  • This group category is to share various business and industry related news among the participants in agenter.
  • Latest technology news, new launches of gadgets and their reviews, updates on hardware, software, ITes and many other related information is shared in this group.
  • Anyone can share interesting business news, tech news, ideas and products in this group.


  • It provides an opportunity for different people working different sectors to join together at one place and share their experience, information and knowledge about their sector like Stock market traders, real estate agents, Architects etc...

Software and technology

  • Groups under these category is for the techies, technology related entrepreneurs and other who are interested in technology related news’s and developments.

How to join a group?

  • To join a group, simply click on "follow" in the top right-hand corner of the group’s start page.
  • You’ll be added as a group member, so you can start writing posts or comments.

How to leave a group?

  • To leave a particular group, go to that group page and click on the more button at the top right side of the screen, then select unfollow.

How to add content/ image?

  • Select the forum where you’d like your post to appear.
  • Now click on the image symbol that then appears and select the image that you’d want to add.
  • Enter your title and text.
  • Then click on Post to publish your content/image.

How to find new contacts?

  • Follow the groups that you are interested.
  • In these groups, people will post the updates relevant to the group that you are following.
  • So, you can easily identify people and business relevant to your field.


Where to share contents and ideas?

  • In Home page or groups page, you will see different groups where you will get relevant posts.
  • You can like, comment on the posts.
  • You can also write about the ideas or news you want to share with others.
  • By clicking the profile names, you can view their profiles and message or connect with them if you want.

Where to find commission offers?

  • In Commissions page, you can find latest commission offers made by both the Business and individuals.
  • While making publications, industry and commission that you are giving must be mentioned correctly.
  • You can also bookmark a publication that you are interested, to work on it later.

How to deactivate/delete my account?

  • Click your profile image on the right-side top corner, then click the account settings option.
  • Then go to your agenter information and you’ll find an option to deactivate or delete your account.
  • When you delete your agenter account, you cannot retrieve the information that you’ve shared on this platform.
  • Your all activities and all of your messages will be deleted.

How to change username, mobile no., password and mail ID?

  • Click your profile image on the right-side top corner, then click the account settings option.
  • Go to your account option and there you can change your username, mobile number, password and mail ID.

Where to see my contacts and profile visitors?

  • Go to the network page, where you can find the list of contacts that you are connected.
  • You can view your profile visitors and contact requests sent to you by the fellow agenters in this page.

Where to see/remove my bookmarks?

  • In Commission page, you can see My bookmarks option.
  • Click the option and you can see your bookmarks that you have saved and you can also remove the bookmarks whenever you want.

How to see/remove a contact?

  • Visit My contacts option in Network page where you’ll find the list of your contacts.
  • There you can see or remove the connections if you want.

How to report a fake profile?

  • If you feel a profile is dummy or fake, you need to report it immediately.
  • Visit the profile and then click the more option and report the profile.

How to report a spam content?

  • If you feel that a post or a publication is irrelevant or spam, then report it immediately.
  • Click the more option in the post or publication and select the appropriate reason for