Safety Guidelines

1. Safety tips

“Execute the commission deals in person, make it transparent and do appropriate documentation”. If you follow this, you could be safe up to some extent. But sometimes scammer may have a convincing scam up their sleeve, which is why you should also follow these additional precautions and awareness. Always be extra cautious of people who make up reasons for why they suddenly can't meet in person and pressure you to decide fast and make business deals or referrals, especially publications or profiles with high commission offers

Basic safety tips to Agents or referrer

  1. Don’t make the referrals or business deals with any profiles you haven’t confirmed the reliability.
  2. Don’t disclose the details of your deal to profiles if you haven’t confirmed the reliability of the profile
  3. Don’t pay or send money to someone you haven’t met in person or not validated the profiles.

Basis safety trips to Businesses

  1. Don’t pay or send money to someone you haven’t met in person or not validated the profiles
  2. Don’t disclose your proprietary information to profiles
  3. Release the offered commission if the deal is taken place

2. Agents Guide

a. Communication

Contact through messages: When you first contact a business or profiles offering commission by message service in the platform to express your interest in the publication in the market page or commission offer in the profile page, ask about the terms of deal and commission before executing the business deal

Limit personal information: Limit the amount of personal information you share about yourself (for example, don't give out your home phone, email Id or address). However, after the business has answered some questions and seems credible, you may need to disclose more information about yourself such as your name and cell phone number (but keep it limited to that).

Establish the credibility of the commission offering profiles: In addition to communicating over messaging service, we recommend talking to the profile by phone before transferring the business referrals. If the profile seems evasive or suspicious, or makes you uncomfortable at any point during the initial contact process, do not continue to pursue the transaction.

b. Meeting the commission offeror

Meet the commission offeror in person, if possible before executing any deal or passing the referral. If the deal amount is high, we recommend to execute the proper agreement of the deal. If the offeror seems evasive or suspicious or makes you uncomfortable at any points during the meeting, simply excuse yourself.

c. Collection of commission

Agent has to communicate and arrive a proper terms of commission before execution of deal. If the offeror does not pay as agreed, report the profile immediately to Agenter

3. Business’s Guide

a. Creating business profiles, post and publications

Try to make transparency as much as possible in your deal, use photos, and describe your nature of business, products and services, commission and payment terms etc. so potential agents don’t become confused with publication, post or profile. When posting publication, offer appropriate commission to motivate and to get more business. Be responsive to potential agents from market, answer their questions on time and provide necessary information that may help them to bring your more business.

b. Give Crystal clarity about your offer

Answering to messages and questions to interested agents may increase your sales, but try to ensure that the offers you published are conveyed appropriately to the agents. The communication must specify the terms of commission, terms of business and try to execute proper business contract before starting the deal. Always bear mind that the “More the Commission you offer more the business you get”.

c. Meeting the agents

Avoid doing business with people having vague profile. Try collect maximum information as possible about each other before executing the deal. We always recommend the participants of the deal to meet in person by considering the nature, value and other sensitive aspects of the deal.

Common Scams

1. Popular scams

Although rare, scams may occur in every category. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is scam. Staying safe is simple, ensure the reliability of the profile before executing the business deal. Following are the examples of few scams that may occur.

Fake profile: Profile with wrong information or without information

Fake publications & post: Publication or post with wrong information

Fake commission offers: Offering fake commission or asking for business referrals without making the commission payment

Asking advance payment: Asking for money to execute the business deals

No response after business referrals: No response, removes, or blocks your profile after the business referrals taken place

Pyramid commission offer: Creating profile or publishing post with commission, on the basis of commission offers of others in the platform without their consent.

How to identify the scammers

We take all possible measures to identify scammers and ban from our platform. If you find any profile or post suspicious, report immediately to us. Few examples of how to identify a scammer

  1. Commission sounds to be so exaggerated.
  2. Profile doesn’t contain relevant information
  3. They don’t answer to your detailed questions
  4. They will not be willing to meet in person
  5. No response once you referred any business
  6. Asking for any amount or benefit before business deal
  7. Post or publication doesn’t contain detailed information

Report Scams

Community feedback about profiles, post or publications posted on our site is very important to us. When you see any suspicious profiles or publications, find the three dots at the right side of the profile, post or publications. Here are the steps to find it.

  1. Move your cursor to the three dots that you would like to report.
  2. Select the right answer from the pop up ( Reason you find to be reported)
  3. Submit the selection

Otherwise, you can email to us on, further to the examination we will get back to you in a reasonable time.